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Chasing his passion

Jeremy Stroud loves the agri-food industry.

“I have never come across a group of individuals with more spirit, benevolence and vision than those in agriculture,” says the fourth-year International Food Business student. “Food will always be vital to our society, yet it’s the people working to produce this food who prompt my enthusiasm for the industry.”

While Jeremy’s love for agri-food is genuine, his true passion is travel. A native of Ontario, Jeremy has been fortunate to visit 37 countries over five continents. “Relating with individuals who stem from entirely different backgrounds, immersing myself with new social constructs and taking in the vivid beauty of unfamiliar environments are among my favorite recollections from travelling,” Jeremy says. “I have learned so much through these experiences.”

As for Jeremy’s next adventure?

He hopes to develop a healthier alternative to packaged beverage products using a by-product coffee farmers now throw away. “I had the chance to work in the coffee industry last year in the Netherlands as part of my European internship,” Jeremy explains. “The first thing I learned is that the coffee bean we all know is not a bean at all; it is actually the seed of a fruit. The fruit around the coffee bean is known as Cascara and is often discarded by farmers as a perceived waste material.”

Through Cultiv8, a collaborative workspace on the Ag Campus that permits students’ access to mentors and entrepreneurial resources, Jeremy is working to create an iced tea beverage using Cascara and other natural ingredients such as honey and lemon with the aim to bring the product to market once he graduates in the spring.