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A Business Built on a Passion for Sports

Watching waves lap the shores of Georges Island from his new waterfront office, Travis McDonough (BScK’94) can’t picture himself anywhere else.

McDonough, CEO and founder of Kinduct Technologies Inc., a Halifax-based performance tracking software company used by nearly 50 professional sports teams, has held many titles: licensed chiropractor, professional tennis player and boxer, to name a few. Although he says each experience has helped get him where he is today—including getting knocked out cold on live television—he thinks his time at Dalhousie provided the real impetus for the success of Kinduct.

“I call Dalhousie my compass for success. Honestly, I cared more about sports when I first started, but the Kinesiology program really opened my ideas as to how I could combine my interest in sport and wellness,” McDonough explains, as he enthusiastically points out a massive container ship passing through the narrow swath of ocean between the -island and his office.

Kinduct Technologies is the result of a less-than-average path to business success. During a 10-year sojourn in Ireland, McDonough, then running several wellness clinics and playing for the Irish National Tennis Team, began developing what would eventually become Kinduct.

Put simply, Kinduct’s software gathers an athlete’s physical information from a wide array of different devices that measure heart rate, sleep patterns, diet and more. The software then evaluates the data and determines what changes are needed to ensure the athlete is performing at their top level.

“We have some big name clients, but I think our real success is promoting growth and creating jobs here in Halifax,” McDonough says. (Danny Abriel Photo)

With clients like the Golden State Warriors, the New England Patriots and the LA Dodgers, Kinduct is a rapidly growing business.

“Six years ago, when we started, the office was in a basement, you know, with the boiler in the same room, a few mice. We’re really lucky to be where we are today,” he says. “Yes, we have some big name clients, but I think our real success is promoting growth and creating jobs here in Halifax.” McDonough says Kinduct has already created more than 45 jobs locally with a number of those hires being Dalhousie students and graduates. He says one of the best parts of being located in Halifax is having access to the relatively untapped market of bright young talent coming out of local schools, pointing to a young man exploring the office with a dossier in his hand. “In fact, there’s a Dalhousie student right there!”

“We work closely with the Kinesiology department at Dalhousie, through co-op programs, mentorships and other programs. It’s great for them, and us,” he says.