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Robotics Expert Jason Gu

Innovation: Jason Gu develops and implements intelligent algorithms, working on novel technologies and approaches for biomedical, rehabilitation and assistive technology robots.

Foundation: Dr. Gu’s lab works with a number of robotic components that may be utilized on their own or integrated and reconfigured for a diverse variety of  research projects and experimental studies.

Inspiration: Dr. Gu did his PhD at the University of Alberta in robotics and rehabilitation. His PhD thesis focused on prosthetic eye tracking involving artificial eye implant control, and he also conducted research using a robotic arm to facilitate the learning of developmentally delayed children. His passion for robots came from seeing how his research work could greatly improve a person’s quality of life.

In his words: “Soon, we’ll see robots having great improvement in autonomy, flexibility, locomotion, sensing, communication and power efficiency.  We’re also starting to see the early stages of integration between robots and artificial intelligence. That said, there’s still a long way to go in that area.”

Why it matters: Multidisciplinary fields like robotics have tremendous potential. “For example, because robots never tire and human capacity is limited, a surgeon can enlist a surgical robot to assist with precise operational procedures, and/or minimally invasive procedures,” explains Dr. Gu. “I enjoy investigating the possibilities of what’s possible through robotics. We’ll see many advancements in robotics technology that will improve the efficiency and quality of life for people. Robotics technology will change the world.”

Dr. Gu is a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering cross-appointed to Biomedical Engineering.